Flood Insurance Information

    137In July 2012, the U.S. Congress passed the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.  The changes will mean premium rate increases for some—but not all—policyholders.

    Pinellas county is the most affected county in the country.  Flood insurance rates can be drastically higher for non-elevated properties in Flood Zones.  These rate increases will go to effect over time for homeowners that purchased their properties prior to July 2012.  For homeowners that purchased after 2012 and home buyers, the new rates go in effect immediately.  This can be a significant financial hardship for recent home purchasers and homeowners now trying to sell their homes.

    For more information about the Flood Waters Act – http://www.fema.gov/flood-insurance-reform-act-2012

    To find out your new flood rate:

    1. Obtain an elevation Certificate for your property (from most Survey companies – approx $200)
    2. Provide the Certificate to your Insurance agent to provide a new quote.

    If your quote is drastically higher than your current flood insurance, please provide this information to us at FrontDesk@LockhartTeam.com along with how it affects you.  We are gathering examples to provide to lawmakers.


    Check Out How Pinellas County Homeowners Are Being Affected By This Recent Change   (Recent News Video featuring Dave & Wendy Lockhart)


    Flood Elevation Certificates:

    Sur-Mite  727.942.1345



    Insurance Quotes

    1. Holehouse Insurance – 727.823.5551


    Please call our State and Federal Representatives to let them know that this law needs to be modified or repealed:

    Federal Representatives

    • Kathy Castor – 202.225.3376
    • Gus Bilirakas – 202.225.5755
    •  Bill Nelson – 202.224.5274
    • Marco Rubio – 202.224.3041
    • Bill Young – 727.729.2561

    State Representatives

    • Jeff Brandes – 727.552.2745
    • Larry Ahern – 727.545.6421
    • Dwight Dudley – 727.552.2747
    • James Grant – 813.265.6280
    • Ed Hooper – 727.724.3000
    •  Kathleen Peters – 727.341.7385
    • Darryl Rouson – 727.906.3200
    • Carl Zimmerman – 727.733.8267
    • Jack Latvala – 727.793.2797
    • Arthenia Joyner – 813.233.4277