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I only want to deal with the listing agent…

Recently, a woman called on a property she viewed online and asked to speak to the listing agent.  When our agent told her the property was listed with another company but she could tell her about it as well as show it to her, the caller indicated she was only willing to speak to the listing agent.


Some people believe there will be more room for negotiation if they work directly with the listing agent.  While this may be true in rare cases, there is much more at stake that needs to be considered.  My recommendation is for the caller to not work with the listing agent and instead sign a contract with a buyer’s agent.


  1. Working with a buyer’s agent costs you nothing (in most cases).
  2. The buyer’s agent has no vested interest in you buying a particular property and therefore won’t be averse to looking at other homes with you.
  3. The buyer’s agent will do a market evaluation and will objectively educate you about the current value of the home.
  4. The buyer’s agent will make you aware of red flags related to the property.
  5. The buyer’s agent will write a contract that is in your best interest.
  6. The buyer’s agent will negotiate for the best possible price on the home for you.


Did you know…

The Listing Agent is contractually obligated to work in the SELLER’S best interest.


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